7 ways to use waterproof gear in summer

You may ask - why do I need waterproof gear in summer? There is no snow around, the pool and ocean water is nice and warm, and the wind is breezy. There are still times during summer, and Christmas time, that you might need waterproof gear. 

Here are a few places where waterproof gear can be used in summer. 

  1. It's not quite summer yet 
    You know those days, the sun is warm and there is a light breeze and you take the kids to the park or the local beach. But the park soil is still soggy from the winter rain and the beach is still a bit wet and cool. This is the perfect time to wear waterproof overalls or waterproof overpants. The kids can still play on the grass and beach sand without coming back with damp pants.
  2. Outdoor crafts
    Whether the kids are making mud cakes or painting outside, a waterproof apron will help keep their clothes clean and dry. 

  3. Hiking
    Hiking, walking, tramping, climbing. Whatever you call it. We love to go for walk in the bush with the kids and some of the trails don't get direct sunlight so it's still quite muddy and there are water droplets on the leaves. Stop the kids from whining about wet pants or wet arms by dressing them in overpants/overalls and a waterproof jacket. 

  4. Swimming
    Off to the beach or the pool? Using a plastic bag to keep everything together? Use a reusable bag to keep your towel, togs, swim cap, goggles, water bottle and lunch together. The Delinky Kids bag also has a carabiner clip so you can either clip multiple bags together or clip the bag onto a stroller or bike. 

  5. Stormy weather
    New Zealand still gets a good amount of rain during summer. Dress the kids in their summer clothing and pop a waterproof rain jacket on top and they're good to go. Our rain jackets have a cord drawstring to keep their hair dry. 

  6. Santa sacks
    A lot of the time, families go to their baches (holiday homes) over summer for Christmas and take the Christmas gifts with them to hand out on Christmas eve. Use one of our oversized red Santa sacks to keep all the gifts safely together and shielded from the chilli bin (cooler box). Then the kids also have a waterproof beach bag which isn't just a one-use item. 

  7. Overseas trip
    Your family might be lucky enough to go to the Northern Hemisphere over the Christmas break where it is cold and snowy. Dress the kids in waterproof gear to keep them dry while exploring new cities or skiing new slopes. 

Links to the Delinky Kids range mentioned in this blog post:




Swim bag

Santa sack 

Do you have any other uses for waterproof gear in summer time? 

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