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This is the latest version of the Heatermate that has a larger display, child lock, and a basic timer function (ON and OFF timers) and 7-day timer function where different temperatures can be set for different days. 

Cold and wet days usually mean cold nights. Keep your kids' rooms at a constant temperature with the Heatermate plug and your heater. 

Cut your heating and cooling costs and enjoy constant room temperature with the Heatermate. 

The Heatermate is a digital thermostat plug this sits between the heater plug and the power outlet. It regulates the room temperature - not the heater temperature. 

  • Safe and comfortable temperature in bedrooms
  • Precise climate control for allergies 
  • Stop turning heaters on/off during the night
  • Save money by not running the heaters 24/7

The Heatermate works by detecting the temperature of your room. The Heatermate then automatically turns your heater on/off which keeps the room at a constant and comfortable temperature and stops the room from overheating. 

Click here for the Heatermate instruction manual

Why control the temperature?

It is recommended that children's rooms are kept between 18 - 20 degrees. Instead of having to check up on the room temperature in the room, the Heatermate provides you with peace of mind and a temperature controlled environment for your child to sleep in. Never again worry if they're too hot or too cold.

Every degree C of unnecessary heating/cooling adds around 10% to the relevant electricity costs ("10% per degree" rule) and it is becoming widely understood that the key to managing heating and cooling costs lies in a precise digital room temperature control that can be achieved with a particular heating or cooling appliance.


Heatermate plug features

  • Large display
  • Child lock
  • Timer function (ON/OFF and 7-day with different temperature)
  • Simultaneously displays current room temperature and set temperature
  • Digital thermometer function in stand-by
  • Back-up battery allows setting out of mains socket and stores set point
  • Easy room temperature setting by pressing UP and DOWN buttons
  • Can be used to control heater in winter and air-conditioner or heat extraction fan in summer
  • Color LED status indicator:  - Red - Controlled Unit is OFF, Green - Controlled Unit is ON
  • Complies with AU/NZ standards

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